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Fleeting, 2020

Düsseldorf / Tolosa

Bernd Mechler and Hernán Cédola



Dot Fiftyone Gallery

October 3 - November 23, 2020.

The exhibition presents the work of two artists from different latitudes that have maintained an enriching exchange of dialogues for five years. The show focuses on the coexistence and interaction of their works in the same space.

Bernd Mechler presents dynamic abstract paintings and monotypes. The works, with vivid and repetitive brushstrokes, appear playful and spontaneous. Painting is, for him, “the desire and freedom to invent spaces with my own associations, to release them as a picture and let them communicate like an independent being”. Hernán Cédola includes oil paintings on canvas and paper. In his complex and reflective images, similar and opposing aspects are integrated very freely. His works are intimate and could be thought as psychic portraits of our civilization. Such as Philosophy, a discipline Cédola is adept, the act of painting is for him a way of generating thought.


For both, the body plays a role in a directly visible as well as indirect way. For Cédola, the painted human body is central, even when the figure appears blurred or disintegrated with the background. Mechler, on the contrary, questions the medium of painting with his physical possibilities. The two artists have a parallel understanding about the act of painting itself, but it is probably in the polarity of their works where the synergy appears.


The Guest, 2020

Oil on canvas

74 4/5 × 53 1/2 in

190 × 136 cm

IMG_1180 web.jpg

Untitled, 2020. Oil on paper. 10x 19 1⁄2 × 14 in each 49.5 x 35.6 cm. Installation view



Forms of the open ended, 2020. Oil on canvas. 76 4/5 × 55 1/10 in. 195 × 140 cm. Installation view

Fleeting, 2020

Oil on canvas

78 × 70 1/10 in

198 × 178 cm

IMG_1221 web.jpg

Installation view


Installation view


Installation view

IMG_1258 web.jpg
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